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Find the space you need to get the job done

Whether you need a small office space to work from home, write your blog, plan your grocery list or simply pay the bills, we've found it.

Small spaces you may not have considered may be just the perfect size to have an organized and functional work space.


That small space underneath your staircase is often overlooked, but can be easily put to use as a mini home office. A floating shelf mounted at desk level can serve dual purposes — a place to display family photos and to take care of business. Consider adding several coordinating shelves above to complete the look.

compact office unit


Do you have a tiny closet that serves as a catch-all? Find a better place to store your winter coats and umbrellas and turn that space into something more usable. Built-in shelving and storage units painted to match the walls finish off the space professionally without spending too much money. Rolling storage units work nicely in a closet space, giving you the option of moving your office whenever the mood strikes. This compact office unit ($399) would fit nicely in a closet.

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l corner desk

Corner office

The best office space in the company is always the corner office. Why not claim that spot for yourself at home? A small corner desk ($339) or side table placed in an unused corner provides enough room to spread out without taking over the room.

computer cart

Mobile workstation

For situations where you truly have no extra space, a portable laptop desk provides the work space you need anywhere you happen to be. This computer cart ($126) works just as well pulled up to the sofa as it does by the kitchen table.

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floating shelf


This floating shelf ($60) does double-duty as both a place to display treasures and a work space when you need it. By using a chair that's already used elsewhere in your home, the space looks nothing like an office when not in use.

Finding your own office space at home isn't as difficult as it seems. Claim your space and start taking care of business.

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Comments on "Converting a small space into your mini home office"

Amy June 05, 2012 | 7:18 PM

I love this!! Great ideas! I just moved and have been wanting a small space for an office. I don't want to dedicate a whole room to it, as neither me nor my husband work from home. We have a large hallway that will be perfect. I'm going to put in a long desk and a chair and it should do the trick. Thanks for the idea!

Julie June 05, 2012 | 10:11 AM

This article makes me smile because when I started college I used a make-shift walk-in closet as my office-study. I often spent hours working on papers and when the torture was finally over I would laugh at myself "coming out of the closet".....

Jennifer June 05, 2012 | 9:18 AM

This article offers some good tips on turning certain overlooked places into offices where work gets done! On Sundays my bed literally becomes my office. I prop myself up with pillows, place my laptop computer in my lap, spread papers out around me and get to work. There’s no reason why I can’t enjoy a lazy Sunday in bed AND get work done at the same time. I realize this bed-office may not work for everybody as some people are prone to fall asleep if they get too comfortable. Those people would be better off following the suggestions on makeshift offices in this article. Thanks again, SheKnows!

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