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Make your room work for you

Today’s families work hard and play even harder. You need a house that can keep up. A multi-purpose space is great for everything that doesn’t quite fit into the rest of your house, but how do you organize a room where you do laundry, gift-wrap, craft and store odds and ends? Use these tips from SheKnows to get your multi-purpose space organized and working for you.


Use high spaces

The perimeter of your room at ceiling level is often overlooked as storage space. Install shelves 18 inches below the ceiling, all the way around the room or just on one wall. Use baskets or canvas totes to store items you don’t need as often. Canvas totes are great for high storage because they usually have handles to help you get a hold of them -- use all totes of the same color for a cleaner, less-cluttered look.


Use backs of doors

The backs of doors and cabinet doors are often overlooked, but they're prime storage space. Use hanging plastic shoe organizers behind the door for storing small items. Cut one of these organizers down to a smaller size for the backs of cabinet doors, or hang small baskets and hooks in those spaces.

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Keep it clean

Multi-purpose spaces tend to be landing spaces for junk. Do a quick walk-through every day to keep junk from piling up.


Hang it up

Don’t spend your day stepping over your stuff. If it doesn’t have a space on a shelf, hang it up. Use hooks on the wall and even the ceiling to keep items off the floor and out of your way.

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Make a laundry center

Laundry has a way of taking over everything -- don’t let it have your room. If your multi-purpose area includes your laundry room, set up a laundry center where you can spot treat, wash and fold everything without moving around the room. Install a large shelf or a high table over the washing machine to create a place where you can fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. If you want a cleaner look, install a curtain from the shelf or table to hide your washer and dryer completely. Above your washer and dryer, install a high shelf for storing laundry products and hang a bar from the shelf so you can hang clothes to dry there as well.

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If your multi-purpose room acquires everyone's junk, give every person in your house a basket in that room so they have a contained place to keep their stuff.

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Comments on "Tips for organizing multi-purpose spaces"

Shelley September 10, 2012 | 2:17 PM

Keeping it clean and hanging things up is important. If a room is used for multiple purposes, also remind everyone to keep their portion picked up. If everyone leaves their junk everywhere, it's going to be a great big mess that you'll probably end up cleaning!

Jason June 03, 2012 | 4:28 PM

Wow, by following the storage tips in this article one can potentially add 50-100 square feet of extra space to any living area. This should dramatically free up room in any home or apartment normally reserved for work and play…perfect for a home gym or office! I also like the idea of installing shelves 18 inches below the ceiling all the way around the room. That 18 inches of space between the shelves and ceiling would make the perfect hiding space for Christmas gifts.

Sarah June 01, 2012 | 11:57 AM

All of the organized ideas above is what I did to make my small college dorm room fit to my needs on a daily basis. I thought I knew how to be organized and creative when it came to using up space, but boy was I wrong until I got to college. Three years later, I am still using the backs of doors and cubbies! What's even better about the two is that I have used cubbies that are also used for stepping stools or room decor. The backs of doors have been used to hang all my towels, full length mirrors and cleaning supplies. The list goes on! Since I've discovered Pinterest, you can look up and find hundreds of other creative ideas to make up for the space you have with any situation! Since I am moving into a town home in a few months, I plan on keeping the same organized ideas and using them to my advantage so I can have as much space as possible as this being my biggest "home space" since the dorms. Using the ideas above, will help you de clutter your place instantly! The biggest issue I was having was where to store my shoes and clothes, as this was taking up a major chunk of space. If you go to the Container Store, they now have exactly what you need for small spaces! They have a shoe rack that can expand to whichever length you need with their metal railings. For clothes, I used these special hangers that had three different holders so you could easily fold numerous jeans held on one hanger. This helped IMMENSELY with space, in which I recommend for everyone to purchase! You won't regret it!

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