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Don't laugh, but we have a little confession... we've been obsessing over home decor items that are actually made for childrens' rooms! It's true... the Pottery Barn Teen catalog arrives and we can hardly contain ourselves! Check out these kids' decor items that you'll love to have.

Bone Frames from Pottery Barn Teen

Bone frames from Pottery Barn Teen

It would be wrong to be jealous of a teenager, right? When it comes to these adorable bone frames from Pottery Barn Teen ($25-29), we can't help ourselves! We want these frames, and we want them all — they're fun and funky but still chic at the same time, making them an easy fit in any home... whether you have a teenager or not.

Just Leafing Through Bookends from Land of Nod

Just Leafing Through bookends from Land of Nod

You don't have to have a bookshelf full of Dr. Suess and Judy Blume to love the Just Leafing Through bookends from Land of Nod ($35 for a set of two). They are so pretty, sweet and simple, and they could serve multiple purposes around your home — to hold up cookbooks on your kitchen counter or for keeping your huge stack of magazines in check on your bedside table. Also available in aqua and red.

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Cabana Bins from Serena & Lily

Cabana bins from Serena & Lily

The entire Serena & Lily catalog is swoon-worthy... including their kids' section! Nearly every item that they've intended for childrens' rooms could so easily be incorporated into your home and these cabana bins in clover ($88 for a set of three) are at the top of our list. Just because they're made for blocks and baby shoes, doesn't mean you can't use them for flip flops and beach towels on your patio!

Luxe Faux Fur Sleeping Bag from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Luxe faux fur sleeping bag from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

So... you probably don't take naps anymore, at least not as often as kids do, but there's no denying that this luxe faux fur sleeping bag ($159) from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child is something that we'd happily snap out of a child's hands to take home for ourselves. With a built-in faux fur covered pillow, you should probably start booking time into your schedule for a little snooze here and there.

Nautical rope mirror from Pottery Barn Kids

Classic nautical never goes out of style when it comes to home decor and although you may very well have a boat-obsessed toddler at home, this nautical rope mirror ($149) from Pottery Barn Kids is coming home with mama. The mirror, which is braided with thick rope, can go in your home even if it isn't already filled with navy and white stripes — unlike your toddler, it's easy going and will fit with any other decor you have.

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Nautical Rope Mirror from Pottery Barn Kids

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Comments on "Kid decor you'll love for yourself"

Lauren June 04, 2012 | 6:59 AM

I love how everything made for kids is brighter and more fun!! It's just what adults need to spice up a room to make them feel younger and happier. Also, kids decor is often cheaper than adult decor, so may as well save money while enhancing a room! Great article!!

Marissa May 25, 2012 | 11:49 AM

I absolutely love all of these ideas! I'm a college student and am always looking for a fun and creative way to decorate my place. The Pottery Barn Teen catalog was where I got all my college necessities for my dorm. Every item I used helped tremendously especially with the little space that I had. Now that I'm moving into a town home, I am now looking for things more for a kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bins above would be great for textbooks and such especially since I'm living with a total of three girls. We expect to be hosting a few get togethers and I've realized bins are the easiest and fastest way to tidy up a place and still make it look organized. There's a good chance I will be looking into that bookend to hold up all my summer readings I plan on purchasing! My family has always used Pottery Barn from kids bedrooms to college dorm rooms. They have everything you can imagine and more. My parents were more than excited to find out I would still be using the same items for my town home that we purchased almost three years ago when I was first starting college. I've never had an issue with any of their products as they are long lasting and convenient. They are always coming up with more creative ideas and are always keeping up with the trends. Especially from a sorority aspect and living in a complex with 30 girls, we couldn't get enough of Pottery Barn Teen!!!

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