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Valentine's day decor

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Valentine's Day decorating ideas

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and while it's not typically an occasion for decorating every room (like Christmas or Halloween), there are ways to subtly -- and stylishly -- set the mood. If you want to create a romantic look and feel in your home for that special someone this February 14th, we have some simple but effective ways to do just that.

Tip from a love expert

For some romantic decor ideas we turned to Matt Titus, expert with, dating and relationship coach, matchmaker and lifestyle expert. He shared his top tips for setting the mood for Valentine's Day.

Think about lighting

Flameless candle

Creating the right mood starts with lighting. "Whether you live in a big house or a studio apartment, lighting is the most important aspect of romantic staging," says Titus. He suggests closing the shades or drapes to create a more intimate and serene oasis, switching to softer bulbs (which you can find in any lighting store or a Home Depot) and opting for a red or purple 40 watt bulb to create a warm ambience in some lamps or fixtures. "Of course, lighting candles is the quintessential way to have romance permeate any room. If you are averse to open flames, there are many types of flameless candles available that can create the same warm sensuality," he advises.

Buying tip: We like these flameless wax candles from Pottery Barn, which come in various sizes ($14.50 to $34.50).

Focus on flowers

Tulip in vaseNo Valentine's Day decor would be complete without flowers -- and lots of them. You have a few ways to incorporate beautiful blooms into your space without relying on a simple bouquet in a vase. Titus suggests placing small bowls with floating candles (regular or flameless) among a sea of flower petals to add a dramatic touch. Or you can focus on individual blooms. "Individual bud vases are delicate and can be placed at different corners and areas of your home," he says. "Besides roses, flowers such as lilies, irises, tulips and orchids provide a sexy, feminine and inviting ambience."

Add music


If you're having a romantic dinner at home, music can go a long way toward setting the mood you want. "Create a playlist with romantic tunes to play in the background," Titus says. You don't want the music to overpower the environment -- it should be soft and sensual but loud enough to filter through the room. "Depending on what moves you or puts you in the mood, design a mix that will complement your surroundings."

Choose the right colors

Red pillow

Put down the pink ribbons and red bows. Valentine's Day colors can be both romantic and sophisticated. "Certain hues invoke romance, such as burgundy, deep reds, violet and warm browns," Titus says. "You don't need to necessarily paint your walls and start from scratch, but adding some deep-colored pillows and throw blankets can up the romantic ante in any room." Long plush velvet drapes, whether covering windows or acting as a room divider, also add a soft and sensuous presence, he adds.

Don't discount tableware

Red wine

The more effort you put into making the evening special, the more romantic it will seem -- no matter what's on the menu. "Even if you are having Chinese takeout and soda, break out the dishes and wine glasses. Actually take time to set the kitchen table and use silverware rather than the free plastic utensils," Titus says. "Turn off the TV, light the candles, turn on the music and enjoy each other's company. That's the most romantic thing you can do in any room."


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