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As we begin tackling our New Year resolution to get more organized, we decided to round up some of our favorite storage solutions. Check out our top picks for storage products from IKEA.

IKEA clutter busters

KASSETT media organizers

KASSETT media organizers

Both affordable and extremely versatile, the Kassett series can be used anywhere from the kitchen to home office. While the magazine files can be used to corral cooking magazines and cookbooks in the kitchen, they also can keep coloring books organized in a child's bedroom. The storage boxes with lids can hold home office supplies or organize extra toiletries in the bathroom. Keep incoming bills and paperwork in clearly labeled manila folders that can be easily accessed from vertical storage boxes.

The Kassett series, with its cardboard construction, won't last for decades, but the affordable price point allows organizers to tackle every room of the house.

KASSETT series, prices range from $3.99-$9.99

EXPEDIT bookcase

EXPEDIT bookcaseIKEA's Expedit bookcase is arguably one of the more notable furniture finds from the Swedish superstore. Seen in trendy lofts, suburban craft rooms and shelter magazines galore, this iconic bookcase is making waves in design circles. It can be placed against a wall as a traditional bookcase or used as a room separator. Add storage baskets to hold smaller items, toys or games.

EXPEDIT bookcase, $129

KNIPSA basket

KNIPSA basket

The Knipsa seagrass basket combines modern lines with natural fibers. The handwoven construction adds texture and earthiness to decor, while the clean cube design keeps it from looking overly bohemian. The basket fits perfectly on the Expedit bookcase and can also be used with other storage cube systems or open shelves.

KNIPSA basket, $17

KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger

KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger

Have you struggled to find a good option for storing belts and scarves? We love the Komplement accessories hanger because it takes up as little space as a regular hanger, but has 28 compartments to individually hold accessories. This multitasker can hold belts, scarves, wraps, ties, even long necklaces, making it easier to see what is in your closet.

KOMPLEMENT hanger, $8



Admit it. We all have junk drawers. Rather than shaming ourselves into purging our junk disasters that will inevitably fill up one month later, let's just accept that this is a natural occurrence in any home and give it a little order. The Rationell flatware tray can help organize the draw into separate areas. For instance, pens, paperclips, and stamps can go in one area, hand cream, lip balm, pocket change in another and miscellaneous condiment packets from last night's takeout in another. The tray can also be used for makeup storage in the bathroom.


GRUNDTAL container

GRUNDTAL container

These small stainless steel containers make a big impact on organizing smaller items. Grundtal's magnetic backing makes it useful for vertical storage, leaving counters clutter-free. The containers can store spices, jewelery, small office supplies like paperclips and tacks, or crafting supplies like beads and buttons. Crafty DIYers can customize the clear front with a picture or decorative paper to match their decor.

GRUNDTAL container, $5/3-pack

SORTERA recycling bin

SORTERA recycling bin

Going green can aid your commitment to staying organized. Recycle junk mail as soon as it comes in the house to keep paper clutter at bay. The Sortera recycling bins are stackable, putting valuable vertical space to use. These easy-to-clean bins also work well in playrooms or craft spaces.

SORTERA recycling bin, $10

IKEA 365+ food storage

IKEA 365+ food storageOverhaul the pantry by storing bulk food items in the IKEA 365+ clear containers. These slim containers can eliminate unnecessary packaging, reducing the amount of space used. Using transparent containers can also help you find what you need faster.

IKEA 365+ storage, $4

ANTONIUS frame, drawer, and desktop

ANTONIUS frame, drawer, and desktop

This mobile storage unit adds extra workspace on top. The Antonius frame can be combined with multiple storage options depending on the room's needs. Great for craft rooms and offices.

Antonius frame, $44

SAMLA clear box

SAMLA clear box

The Samla box is another versatile container that can be used in any room of the house. Excellent storage for craft projects, toys, small purses and shoes. The boxes are stackable when used with the lid.

SAMLA box, $1.50

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Comments on "10 Best IKEA products to organize your home"

Jenna March 16, 2013 | 3:39 PM

I love IKEA for things that you don't have to assemble yourself!! If it's a lot a of parts it just ends up sitting in my place half assembled for 6 months until i throw it out lol

Joesph P. December 16, 2012 | 1:45 PM

Too bad there is not an Ikea within 500 miles of me. Shipping is not an option either as they charge more for that than the actual product.

Leslie July 05, 2012 | 7:48 AM

These are great affordable ways to get organized and add some modern style to your home, apartment or office! I live in a small apartment and I am always looking for ways to conquer clutter and compartmentalize, and IKEA seems to deliver in this department. Too bad they don’t have a store in my area, but fortunately I can order from their website and get what I need.

Erica June 07, 2012 | 11:53 AM

I have the Expedit bookcase and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture! I needed something big enough to store my hundreds of books and it has delivered!

Marie January 13, 2012 | 10:19 AM

I love IKEA! While some of the furniture seems a little cheap, the accessories are fantastic. I picked up a ton of the kasset boxes and completely reorganized my home office for under $50.

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