Ban G.I. Blues With “Glamouflage” Home DéCor

Since military camouflage debuted during World War I, the abstract pattern has been inspiring designers. From the black-and-white "dazzle" camouflage popularized in 1920s England to modern prints in quirky fashion colors, designers have given the tough, edgy textile a glamorous touch. Add a touch of camo to your chic décor by following these four “glamouflage” tips.

1Quirky camo colors and prints

Typical camouflage colors come in muted khaki and army greens, but these shades aren't the most glamorous. Nothing makes functional camouflage prints fashionable like an ironic twist on the color palette. Skip the traditional and pick a camo color in a vivid blue or pastel pink.

Instead of the iconic curvy inkblot shape, use the modern military camouflage patterns, which have a digital look that's more chic that the traditional design. Avoid overdoing the camo look by incorporating items with the large geometric prints found in dazzle camouflage.

Camouflage patterns

  1. Vermont's Barre - blue digital camouflage cloth
  2. Amazon - pink and brown camo fabric
  3. Amazon - geometric pattern rug (dazzle camouflage)
  4. Overstock - wool rug (dazzle camouflage)

2Go au naturel

Soldiers aren't the only ones using camouflage -- nature lovers use the disguising pattern to get closer to wildlife on their outdoor adventures. Soften up the military prints by incorporating décor items inspired by Mother Nature. Cover one wall with a leaf pattern wallpaper as a focal point for the room, or accent the room with rustic accessories.

Go au naturale

  1. Realtree - leaf camo wallpaper
  2. Linens-n-Things - tree branch lamp
  3. Sears - rustic branch candle holders

3Repurpose surplus

A camouflage-themed room needs a few military surplus items to pull the room together -- but army accessories may look more hard-core than glamorous. Take the edge off by incorporating the items in unexpected ways. Stack metal footlockers or ammo cans as a makeshift end table, then add the glamour by topping with an elegant crystal lamp. Hang metal ball-chain as a sleek drapery option, then add the military touch by using dog tags as curtain ties.

Repurpose surplus

  1. Sears - Rothco .50 caliber ammo Cans
  2. Lamps Plus - triple gourd glass table lamp
  3. Shimmer Screen - ball chain beaded curtains
  4. Army Surplus World - dog tags

4Blinding bling

Perhaps the easiest way to find camouflage items that work with a chic design scheme is to add the glamor yourself. Turn camo military helmets into "glamouflaged" works of art by applying Swarovski flat-back crystals to the pattern in three colors that match your palette. Create a sparkling drapery or wall hanging using camo netting and a metallic spray paint.

Blinding bling

  1. Harry's Army Surplus - digital camo helmet cover
  2. Coleman's Military Surplus - 1950s military helmet
  3. Swarovski Crystallized - flat-back crystals
  4. Vermont's Barre - pink camo netting
  5. Vermont's Barre - camouflage background netting
  6. Home Depot - Rust-Oleum silver spray paint

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