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Freshen up your home for Spring
Spring has sprung, and gardening season is upon us. But even as you itch to dig deep into your garden, digging deep into your wallet may not be in the budget. Instead of looking longingly out your window at the garden that could be, discover how to garden on a budget, from purchasing self-seeding plants to growing plants from clippings.

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Avacodo seedpod

Use glass lanterns outside for springReproduce plants from clippings

Research plants, hedges and trees that can be easily started from clippings, like root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, and gather from friends and family to expand your foliage and fill in your space.

Bright bedding for springSeek seedpods

Around the house, neighborhood or at your local park, search for seedpods without cutting into your gardening budget -- plumeria and avocado are two good candidates. You can also have the benefit of planting native varieties that will be more likely to thrive.

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LightingBuy in bulk

Like anything, buying a larger quantity for your garden saves you money in the long run; it also gives you the opportunity to negotiate on the price. From seeds to flats, buddy up with friends and purchase larger quantities for the biggest cost savings.

9Take free landscaping classes

Check with your local home improvement store or plant nursery for free landscaping and gardening classes. Some cities also offer free programs, often offered through departments such as park and recreation, and even city maintenance divisions.

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10Dig into smaller pots

If you want to buy plants already on their way to maturity, buy 2-inch pots versus 1- or 5-gallon pots to save some dough. It will take longer to see results, but your pocketbook with thank you right away.

Although you'll need to research which plants will thrive in your climate and soil type, you, too, can garden on a budget without breaking the bank!

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