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Though gardening and technology may not seem to mesh, there are a growing number of smartphone apps to help you with your green thumb. Here are four of our favorite iPhone gardening apps for your green space.

1iZen GardeniZen Garden 2

While the iZen Garden app isn't necessarily directly tied into gardening, it's one of the top-rated apps for the iPhone, with a tranquility-inducing activity where you design a zen garden with virtual stones, plants, shells and fossils while listening to sounds of butterfly wings and relaxing music.

Cost: $3.99

2The Plant Doctor

A highly useful app for gardening, The Plant Doctor app diagnoses the most common plant ailments. And in the event that your planting mishap isn't listed, you can fill out a quick form within the application and send an inquiry to a plant pathologist for diagnosis and treatment ($1.99 per inquiry).

Cost: Free

3Gardening appGardening

The aptly named "Gardening" app makes our list because it integrates gardening tips and a database of plant types with the ability to monitor your planting progress with photos and a journal, which you can cross-reference with their database to keep your gardening on track and doublecheck planting and harvesting times.

Cost: $0.99

4Landscaper's Companion

Gardeners who want a content-heavy app need to look no further than the Landscaper's Companion, which houses a large collection of data that spans 16 categories of plants (around 1,400 types) and accompanying photos.

Cost: $4.99

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Dave March 03, 2011 | 8:03 PM

Thanks for including Landscaper's Companion. The plant database is over 2300 plants now - and a new version is coming next week that jumps it to over 5000! Along with the iPhone version, iPad and Android owners can enjoy Landscaper's Companion as well. You can read about all the versions at http://www.landscaperscompanion

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