Ready Your Home For Holiday Guests

Thanksgiving is around the corner, followed closely by Christmas, which means your home will soon be full of holiday guests. As tempting as it is to panic that your house is hardly presentable for the mailman to drop by, let alone the influx of family and friends sure to be knocking, fear not. We’ve put together a list of affordable ideas to get your home refreshed, organized and ready for even your mother-in-law’s approval.

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Entrance hall or foyer

7FoyerAdd hooks

Having a pile of coats on the stairs or otherwise lying around the house is not a good way to welcome guests. Adding a row of hooks provides a place for you and your guests to hang coats instead of heaping them somewhere.

8Clear your coat closet

Along with hooks, clearing your closet of the family's coats before a large gathering is a good idea. Put your own coats somewhere else (in the basement, in a bedroom closet) so there's ample room for guests to store their outerwear.

9Provide a basket for keys, gloves and hats

If you live in a climate where holiday time means a dip in temperature, guests will most likely be arriving with gloves, hats and scarves. Providing a large basket at the front door for them to leave their cold-weather items, and a smaller basket for keys, helps ensure no one forgets or loses anything they arrived with.

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