Beyond The Hammer

If you’re planning to invest your hard-earned dollars into a renovation project, you want to know you’ll be pleased with the final product before you ever get started. Before diving into your next home improvement adventure, load up your tool belt with the hottest tools for the task at hand!

Paint tools

Adding fresh paint to any room will give the space an instant face-lift — but without proper tools, your newly painted room might make you blue. Keep these helpful tools ready for the next time you pick up the roller.


Cutting-in brush

While most of your paint can be applied with a roller, you’ll need a good standard brush that’s designed for detailed work. Look for a brush with an angled tip to reach even the tightest spaces.


Edge guard

Get clean lines in half the time with this time-saving tool. Just hold it firmly against the edge of your trim to keep paint from seeping through — no tape needed!


Paint deck

Choosing a color becomes easy when you know your color options. Paint chips get lost and come in no particular order. A paint deck, on the other hand, keeps your samples organized and allows you to see color families in relation to one another.


Canvas drop cloth

It’s time to ditch plastic tarps that slide, tear and crumple beneath your feet. Instead, use canvas drop cloths. The thick material absorbs paint drips and stays in place.


Painter's tape

Adhere 2-inch-thick painter's tape to baseboards, but don’t fold the edge to cover the face. Instead, leave an overhang to tuck your drop cloth beneath. You’ll avoid drips and keep your tarp from sliding.

Power tools

There’s no need to shy away from a little power! Tools with a pulse will make any job easier. Just follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions, crank up the amps and go!


Air compressor

An air compressor kit that includes multiple attachments is a great tool for any renovation. Use the nail gun attachment to fasten molding, the staple gun attachment to reupholster your dining chair cushions or the air nozzle to clear off dust after sanding.


Random orbit sander

Many do-it-yourself projects start with a good sanding. Save yourself time and energy by taking off worn finishes with a light sanding. For the best look when sanding wood, be sure to follow the grain with swift, steady motions.


Cordless drill

We all know this tool is a handy-man’s dream come true, but you don’t need to be an expert to reap its benefits. Put your cordless drill to work to hang artwork, install shelves and even attach hardware.


Dremel tool

If you’re looking for a tool that can do almost anything, look no further than a dremel. These versatile tools can cut, buff and trim a variety of materials, including wood, tile and metal. Plus, their compact size makes them great for those hard-to-reach places.


Circular saw

Owning a table saw isn’t always an option, but these portable saws are both compact and affordable. Try the circular saw with small wood-working projects to achieve custom shapes and sizes.

Online tools

Mom always said, “Look before you leap,” and these helpful tools will let you do just that. Before you pick up the hammer or drill the first hole, use these online resources to help guide your path. They’ll leave you with a roadmap and compass to help you navigate your project to a successful end.

  • Mythic Paint's Room Visualizer: This handy tool offers a room visualizer that will help you compare paint colors to determine what you love -- and what you don't.
  • La-Z-Boy 3-D Room Planner: Use this planning tool to visualize rooms in your home in 3-D before you make significant changes. You can customize furniture styles and fabrics, change the room shape, add windows and doors, change the flooring, change the paint color and more.
  • DIY Blogs: Chances are these chatty homeowners have experimented with a project just like yours, and blogged about every little detail. Put the trial and error of others to good use by including their hands-on descriptions as a part of your project research.

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