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Freshen up your home for Spring
Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get organized and clear the clutter in your home. When tackling a home organization project, it’s important to have great organization products to help you manage and control the stuff. Here are 10 of our favorite home organization products to help you out.

Spring cleaning and home organization isn't just about clearing the clutter. It's also about making sure that all of your belongings have a home where they can be neatly stored away.

Great home organization products streamline your living space, but it's important to choose wisely. Why? Everything has to both fit and be functional for it to truly make sense in your home.

So, what are our favorites?

Spring-inspired candleholderIkeas Kroken SystemKitchen organization

Kroken System

Why let wall space go to waste? This favorite kitchen organization product starts with a bar that you hang on the wall. From there, the Kroken System at Ikea can hang cutlery baskets, S-hooks for hanging other items and more. Just think: Everything you need is right there -- but not cluttering up the countertop. And if you're looking for another fabulous kitchen organization product, try the magnetic knife strip, which holds knives securely against the wall – no knife block required.

Prices for the components start at $2.99.

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