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How to make your stinky laundry smell better

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How to... make your laundry smell great

If your laundry stinks or your washing machine smells terrible, you're not alone. Smelly laundry -- usually caused by a build-up of bacteria and mold -- may leave you wanting to throw away your towels and clothes. But there are deodorizing solutions! Here's how to make your laundry smell good again.

How to... make your laundry smell greatStep 1: Don't delay drying

Don't leave clean laundry in the machine after the load has finished washing -- especially not overnight. With a nice warm, dark environment like a closed washing machine, bacteria and mold both thrive.

Step 2: Avoid the damp

Never put damp laundry in the washing pile. If you can't wash wet or damp clothes and towels immediately, pre-treat as needed and then let them dry to avoid getting smelly.

Step 3: Dry well

Thicker towels and heavy clothing such as jeans take longer to dry, so be sure to dry them thoroughly each time.

Step 4: Get a clothesline

Hang your laundry outside to dry. The sun can help keep mold at bay -- just be sure to dry everything completely (even if it means some time in the dryer inside).

Step 5: Soften carefully

Avoid using liquid fabric softener in the washing machine, as some people have experienced a build-up of "gunk" from its use. (Vinegar is said to be a natural fabric softener.) If you do use store-bought fabric softener, dilute the mixture with water before adding it to the machine, and realize that the softener can make laundry harder to dry.

Step 6: Try different washing machine additives

There are many different laundry additions you can try -- get some suggestions below. But be aware that these measures are guidelines only, and effectiveness will depend on many factors, including size of load, water temperature and amount of water used, origin of the bad smell, etc.

Step 7: Non-toxic/natural solutions

Try allowing each load of smelly laundry to pre-soak for at least 15 minutes in hot water, using one of these additives per load to see what (and how much) works best for you: borax (about 1/2 cup), vinegar (3/4 cup), lemon juice (about 1/2 cup), baking soda (3/4 cup), hydrogen peroxide diluted to 3% (1/2 cup).

Step 8: Commercial cleaning products to try

Try running your stinky washloads with the addition of one extra cleaning product at a time, such as Clean Control, Simple Green or PineSol (1/4 cup - and only if you can handle the scent).

Step 9: Common household products - but beware

You can try using 1/4 cup bleach (add to wash water and make sure it has been diluted significantly before adding smelly laundry, and never use bleach with any other additive besides regular detergent). Another option is to add 1/2 cup ammonia to a load of laundry, but BE SURE not to use with bleach to avoid creating dangerous fumes.

Step 10: Detergent with a bonus ingredient

Try a commercial laundry detergent that has an odor-removing additive, such as Febreze or Renuzit.

Step 11: Go with hot water

Use hot water to wash loads that smell.

Step 12: Wash the washer

To help keep your smelly laundry problem from returning, you may need to give your clothes washer a deep clean of its own. Find out how to deodorize your smelly washing machine here.

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