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Get organized with these simple organization tips.

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Create a flawless filing system

Imagine pulling out a drawer and finding the file you need in seconds. Just a fantasy? It doesn't have to be. Once you have a working system in place, the filing cabinet of your dreams is within your grasp.

Here's how: 

  • When starting a file, write the date on its label. This shows how long you've had it and makes purging it later simpler.
  • Name your files with nouns—the first ones that pop into your mind. You'll find the file more quickly later on.

Bonus Tip:

Color-coding? Reserve 2 or 3 colors for specific file types. More than 3 becomes too difficult to remember.

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Comments on "How to stay organized: Tips of the Week"

Katie February 22, 2011 | 3:53 PM

Making a weekly list is efficient and so much more helpful to prioritize. LOVE this article of tips of the week!

Sinea January 05, 2011 | 1:04 PM

I absolutely LOVE the folding clothes analogy. It is so true. And using a master list for the week is sheer genius. I have daily lists but a weekly list and transfer routine will make it all the more efficient!

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