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Transitioning your home decor between seasons doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Take on a few of our tips. You'll be updated and ready for fall with lots of time - and money - to spare!

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Give up the themes

Personally, I love my rooms to have themes. Now you won't find Coke bottles or tin signs in my kitchen, but I've accented my Japanese art and hand-painted Kanji characters with bamboo and kimono accessories. But this season will see a trend away from overt themes throughout a house or a room as design is leaning toward the unexpected. For example, if you like it, find a place for it! This doesn't justify obscure clutter, but don't feel like you can't purchase a unique item that you like because it doesn't "fit." If you've found something amazing you want to work with, then make it fit! This unique, green clock from Infinity Arts that is handcrafted from Justin and Mary Potts in Portland, Oregon, is perfect to add edge and modernism to any space.

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Angela Redmond November 01, 2009 | 3:52 PM

A good Halloween party this year. It's a first for me..

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