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A cramped corner doesn't have to equal cramped style. Whether you are trying to fit your entire life into a 500-square foot apartment or you just want to feel the walls expand in your living room, there are simple decorating secrets that will maximize and any small space.

Decorating Small Room

Proportion Distortion

A small room needs small furniture, right? Not necessarily. Many tiny pieces of furniture will actually clutter a smaller space. Instead opt for several key pieces of furniture that will make the space feel grounded. Of course, that doesn't mean you can pull off an overstuffed sofa. A better option might be an armless couch or chaise.

Multipurpose Furniture

If you can fit only several pieces of furniture, they should have more than one use. Storage ottomans are great for concealing clutter, additional seating, and a foot rest. Put the TV on top of a chest of drawers instead of a separate media unit. Make an end table double as a desk. Use a trunk for storage and a coffee table.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors not only reflect light but they fool the eye into thinking there is more space. They add depth and open a window for your eyes to look through. They work in entry ways, hallways, or any place you like to erase wall space.

Lighten Up

A compact space looks larger with light — natural or artificial. Don't block window light with furniture and replace heavy draperies with sheer curtains and blinds. And always have plenty of lamps to illuminate dark corners.

Hang Everything

A flat screen TV is perhaps the best investment for small quarters. Floating shelves can hold your photos, knickknacks, and books to free up floor space. In the kitchen, hang up your pots and spices to free up cabinet and counter space.

Clutter Control

Perhaps the biggest mistake in small quarters is the easiest to fix. Taking control of your clutter frees up space and makes any environment more relaxing. Decorative storage boxes and bins are perfect for concealing miscellaneous items that have no home. Also, take inventory regularly of your closets and cabinets and get rid of what you don't need.

Focal Points

Don't always want the focus to be on how tiny your place is? Refocus the attention on a large piece of artwork or a collection of photos hung together. Deemphasize the smallness of your space with showing off your personal style. There is always room to decorate!

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Comments on "Decorating small spaces"

Mary January 21, 2013 | 12:42 PM

Lights are key! Make the room light and it appears bigger, and stay away from dark colors.

Tina September 05, 2012 | 11:40 AM

I agree that keeping clutter out of small spaces is key. It's best to keep small spaces as simple as possible. I really like the idea using ottoman's as storage and investing in multi-purpose furniture. Great space saving ideas, thanks!!

Sandy May 11, 2011 | 8:37 AM

I'm planning on installing pergo flooring to my small living room condo. What color do you recommend? The medium to dark shades look richer, but should I stick with the lighter shades to enhance the small space and to eliminate the closed in feeling, or doesn't it matter? It's a 12 x 15 foot room. The only light coming in is from a sliding glass door which faces the west.

Terrie July 01, 2008 | 10:27 AM

I have found a great resource for furniture for small spaces, as well. It's a company that primarily sells online called Simplicity Sofas and you can access them here http://www.simplicitysofas. I bought some furniture for my condos and it is very high quality and designed to fit through tight spaces. They have regular sized sofas, apartment sofas, storage ottomans, chairs, and over 50 fabrics to choose from. I even opted to slip cover one of my living room collections at my condo at the beach with their slip cover option. I thought your readers might want to know of this resource.

Jennifer June 04, 2008 | 8:02 AM

One piece of furniture that I know would look great in such a small space would be a leather bean bag chair. Not only does this piece look trendy and modern, it's also very comfortable. I had really wanted to purchase a good quality leather bean bag chair because I had heard about how comfortable and durable they are, so I decided to shop around. After shopping around in all the furniture stores in my local area and not coming across anything except low quality vinyl bean bag chairs, I decided to expand my search and decided to try the internet. I finally came across this site called which is a Canadian company and their product guaranteed me a high quality chair. I read all the testimonials and it seemed to be an amazing product so I decided to purchase one. Let me tell you how I fell in love at first touch. Now it's hard for me to leave my chair. The chair doesn't take up much room and my apartment has never looked so sheik and comfy at the same time. I highly recommend this product because it will take up minimal space so it's good for tiny spaces. It's look's modern and trendy which is good so you can keep up with the trends of the furniture world. It's so durable that you can beat this chair up until your fists turn bloody and it will still look like you first got it. Trust me, this is probably the best investment in furniture that you will buy.

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