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When HGTV star Jonathan Scott was told he couldn't possibly do anything bigger with his career in home improvement and renovation, he took it as a challenge. Recently, Scott sat down with SheKnows to explain how one lucky winner can dream big with his Dove Men+Care Hair King of the Castle Home Upgrade campaign. How far would you go to make your castle fit for a king?

It's no doubt that Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott has tackled a home renovation project or two. And though Scott has transformed some amazing spaces, he still loves to think outside of the box. When challenged to top the DIY adventures from his shows, which include Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother and Buying and Selling, Scott explained, "We thought, 'What could we do that would be bigger than everything we've done? And just be wild, even a little bit crazy.'"

His solution? The King of the Castle Home Upgrade contest, sponsored by Dove Men+Care Hair, where one lucky winner will have the chance to choose one of many spectacular prizes, which include a moat with a functioning drawbridge, the ultimate backyard tree house, an elite outdoor kitchen, a top-of-the-line home automation system and more. In fact, if the winner so desires, the team will even place two Royal Guard soldiers in front of their home for one week, with a twice-daily changing of the guard regimen. "We always say that people need to dream big," Scott explains. "I'm willing to go in and do anything. I'm going to fly to this winner's house, and I'm going to consult with them on what would work best for them."

So the question becomes, which prize would you choose? We've rounded up a few examples to get you inspired!


A moat with functioning drawbridge

A moat with functioning drawbridge

Photo credit: @oooranje via Instagram

The ultimate family tree house

The ultimate family treehouse

Photo credit: @thedailytreehouse via Instagram

A chic outdoor kitchen & dining room

A chic outdoor kitchen & dining room

Photo credit: @maburrsecold via Instagram

The British Royal Guard

The British Royal Guard

Photo credit: @albert_chua via Instagram

Something else, like this guitar pool

Guitar pool

Photo credit: @thebeautytime via Instagram

What would you pick?

"That's going to be the next step," Scott says. "What are they going to pick?" I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Tell us what you would pick in the comments below, and get more information on the King of the Castle Home Upgrade contest by clicking here.

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Photo credit (Jonathan Scott): HGTV


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Pam Blackwell January 18, 2014 | 11:53 PM

I would go with up grades to my little home, I lost my home of 18 yrs when I had to go bankrupt in Oct. 2013 I now am doing an owner finance in a home that was built in the 1940's, Im so blessed by this home, but its a bungalow and its been neglected for many years. My home is 1072sf and is so very cold and drafty it still has the original windows in the home. I have dreams for my little home but find that Im having to work two jobs just to pay the house note and heating bills. I would love the upgrades that's for sure, its old home but so am I it just needs some love. Pam Blackwell

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