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Former Bachelorette and Love It or List It Vancouver host Jillian Harris sits down with SheKnows to share her expert tips on design, renovation and trends. An expert in interior design and home decor, Jillian Harris inspires your heart and eyes to fall in love with your home.

The basics

When designing your home or working with a team of designers, ensure that the basics are taken care of first. Covering your bases will help get the job done right the first go-round, according to Jillian. Paying attention to the fine details will help you avoid redoing your space again in the near future.

Allow a cushion

Even with a professional crew and her own interior design expertise, Jillian Harris admits that home renovation disasters are hard to avoid. Jillian advises that as a first rule of a home renovation project, ensure that you always have a 20 percent contingency. If you don't run into any problems, then you've got yourself a bonus, but if you do, you've got the funds to fall back on.

Do your homework

Before you begin your home renovation, do your homework. Jillian suggests checking with the city, obtaining necessary permits and going over bylaws so that you are aware of what you can and cannot do during your renovation. Knowing your limitations will help avoid getting your much-desired project shut down.

In addition to doing your homework for city laws, find out what you can and cannot do on the inside of your home. Jillian advises that you look into everything, such as type of grout, fixtures, wallpaper and more. Taking your time in the beginning will save you time in the end.

Date your designer

When using an interior designer to assist in decorating your home, get to know them. Go beyond telling them your favorite color and furniture preference, and let your designer know your desires and memories. Understanding that this may be awkward at first, Jillian suggests dating your designer. "Going out for a drink, going out for a coffee here and there" will help the designer discover what gives you the "warm and fuzzies" inside. By knowing what you like and who you are, your designer is more likely to give you a space that will make your heart burst and will feel truly like home rather than just a house.

A lasting trend

More: Check out Jillian Harris' new venture and passion project at CharlieFord.com!

Jillian admits that she has a love for the trendy chevron in 2013, but she also declares that this year is all about finding herself — knowing what she likes in her home and what makes her heart go "pitter-patter." And right now, she has a true love for following the trend of adding antique decor. Jillian started her own vintage decor line this year, and she realizes that adding an antique piece to your home can turn it into a cozy memory. Whether this is finding your piece at a place such as Charlie Ford or in your grandmother's attic, the accent can bring a new life and story into your home and become a lasting trend to enjoy for years to come.

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