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Seafoam Green

Fresh, fun and a great addition to any space, seafoam green can be easily incorporated into your existing decor. We're sharing some simple but stylish ways to add this chic color to your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Seafoam green decor

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Seafoam in the bathroom

Seafoam in the bathroom

Seafoam lends itself to the bathroom, as cool blue-green tones often do. Starting with white or off-white walls and countertops, you can seamlessly bring a seafoam palette into the room with key accents that will help pull the space together. A shower curtain with splashes of seafoam starts things off, while recycled glass jugs make a stylish addition to your countertop if you have the space to show them off. Add a bath rug, towels and bath accessories for a timeless yet eye-catching bathroom.

Our picks: Recycled glass jugs (, $19 to $29), shower curtain (, $32), bath accessory set (, $50), bath rug (, $20), bath towels (, $15 to $45)

Seafoam in the bedroom

Seafoam in the bedroom

The calming nature of seafoam makes it an ideal shade to work with in the bedroom, which is a space where you can have a lot of fun with the hue. A headboard in a lighter, grayer version of seafoam can anchor the room, while an ottoman provides alternate seating or becomes a statement-making addition in the space, draped in a brightly hued throw. Other accessories like vases, a bold laundry basket you'll actually want to show off and candleholders help round out the color scheme and give new life to your bedroom.

Our picks: Headboard (, $899 to $1,299), flared top vase (, $19 to $24), laundry basket (, $129), mercury glass candleholder (, $30), tufted ottoman (, $599)

Seafoam in the kitchen

Seafoam in the kitchen

A kitchen inspired by soft seafoam green is a space made for socializing, laughing and eating fabulous food any time of day. Whether you simply add pops of seafoam into a more neutral space or use the color as the focal point of your kitchen, the overall look you create will be equally engaging. A statement chair in seafoam is a fun way to pull the color into the room in a way that gets noticed. Then add subtle pops of seafoam in the form of glass fixtures, dinnerware and a cutlery caddy for a kitchen that's on trend, yet comfortable and warm.

Our picks: Serving bowl (, $70), statement chair (, $799), glass knobs (, $13 to 15), cutlery caddy (, $9), dinnerware (, $16 to $20)

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