Autumn Bathrooms

The start of a new season brings us the opportunity to transform our homes. Autumn is a refreshing time of year as temps begin to cool after summer's heat. Here are some budget-friendly decorative items for your bathroom.

Wine country

Wine Country

Whether you enjoy red or white, there is something about wine that goes so perfectly with the fall season. Choose deep hues that mix red with purple to evoke the sentiments of the season.

  • Farrow & Ball 217 Rectory Red (paint on left)
  • Benjamin Moore 2076-10 Crushed Velvet (paint on right)
  • Hometrends Ashdown shower curtain (Walmart, $17)
  • Sofia by Sofia Vergara floral fantasy bath towel (Kmart, $13)

Bronze royalty

Bronze Royalty

If you are looking for a metal to introduce in your bathroom, consider bronze. Bronze is a subtle metal that boasts its own brilliance. Couple it with other fall hues in your bathroom accessories for a soothing and relaxed space.

Spice rack

Spice Rack

If you open your spice cabinet, you'll stare into the hues that are perfect for fall. Examples include paprika, cinnamon, oregano and turmeric. When choosing your colors, select those that are rich in hue and warm in feel.

Paint from left:

  • Valspar 3007-1A Yellow Mustard
  • Behr S-G-170 Licorice Stick
  • Benjamin Moore 553 Richmond Green
  • Benjamin Moore AF-275 Rustique
  • Room Essentials towel bundle, forest light (Target, $12)
  • Rubber-coated orange bath accessories (CB2, $4-$8)
  • Java pandan trays (The Container Store, $15-$20)

Fall forest

Fall Forest

Create an enchanting retreat in your bathroom with fresh green and brown hues, along with wooden bathroom accessories. The overall effect will feel outdoor-inspired with a touch of tranquility.

Paint from left:

  • Farrow & Ball 76 Folly Green
  • Farrow & Ball 34 Calke Green
  • Valspar C1245 Later Gator
  • Dragan two-piece bathroom dish set (Ikea, $13)
  • Royal Velvet Pure Perfection six-piece bath towel set, oregano (JCPenney, $55)
  • Nate Berkus villa bath collection (Target, $10-$13)

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin picking is a huge pastime during the fall months that's fun for all ages. Though you don't have to introduce pumpkins into your bathroom, you can recreate the sentiment with pumpkin-colored hues.

  • Benjamin Moore 2016-10 Startling Orange (paint on left)
  • Benjamin Moore 2014-10 Festive Orange (paint on right)
  • Shaw Living sassy shag bath rugs (Kohl's, $20-$40)
  • Carnation Home Fashions filigree shower curtain hooks, set of 12 (, $13)
  • Room Essentials towel bundle, super orange (Target, $12)



For those who would like to add extra color to their palette, have fun mixing and matching prints in the bathroom. This is a great way to add dimension to your space, especially if it is smaller in size. If you want some continuity, anchor the room with a neutral color like gray.

  • Nate Berkus color-block shower curtain (Target, $25)
  • Dot swirl bath collection (Target, $13-$40)
  • Ogee chain bath mat (West Elm, $29)

Stone palace

Stone Palace

Take the earthy approach in your bathroom with a color palette that is neutral in feel, but excites the senses. Choose quarry-inspired colors like rock and slate, or go creamier with a concrete hue. This is a timeless look you can use throughout the seasons.

  • India ink Leland bathroom collection (Kmart, $14-$40)
  • Rectangular slate soap dish (World Market, $8)
  • Famous Home Fashions Congo 12-pack shower curtain hooks (Kohl's, $20)

Spa romance

Spa Romance

As the days become shorter, utilize your candles in your bathroom to create an intimate spa retreat. Pair them with aromatherapy and soft colors for less excitement and more relaxation. Remember, the more zen and neutral in colors, the better.

  • Soap Rhapsody Buddha head soap (Etsy, $14)
  • Theme Fragrance sea kelp ginger lime cambrian blue clay coconut milk soap (Etsy, $4)
  • Bamboo bath accessories (West Elm, $19 each)
  • Tindra scented candle (Ikea, $4)
  • Hotel spa waffle bath towel (Bed Bath and Beyond, $17)

Royal & regal

Royal & Regal

If you have ever wanted to live like royalty, now is your time to do so with colors Prince William and Kate probably use throughout their home. Create grandeur in your bathroom with rich and sophisticated colors that command attention. Examples include cobalt blue, emerald green and ruby red. Feel free to accent them with touches of gold.

Classic retro

Classic Retro

White is a timeless color that works well in any season. If you would like to capture a retro feel in your bathroom, keep things simple with a monochromatic palette of white and creamy neutrals. Feel free to add black.

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