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21 pumpkin designs that don't require carving

Don't have time to get crafty? Add some stickers! This family used their last name adorned with a cute felt spider to the side.
Add the cutest pumpkins to your décor with these Martha Stewart knock-offs. Adorned with painted polka dots, spiders, and stencils; you are sure to wow the neighbors.
Add a little pizazz to your fall decorations with these frosted pumpkins. Cute and simple, these are an easy touch to add glam to your Halloween decor.
No need for a carving, when you can have a pumpin in a box. Equipped with a clown hat and collar, this little guy is too cute not to craft.
In need of a simple idea for your pumpkin? Doodle on it! Add whichever design you want for a fun-filled pumpkin.
Add some crazy to your pumpkin with this crayon melted design. With a dryer and a bit of patience, you can have a fun and unique design to add to your splendid pumpkin display.
Turn up your vintage charm with this adorable pumpkin. Prety in white with a beautiful bow and a tad bit of bling, this pumpkin is too pretty to pass up.
What else to put on a front porch pumpkin then your very own street numbers. Gold and stenciled with black, this pumpkin will let your tick or treater's know whose got the best treats.
Metallic and sleek, these spray painted pumpkins bring shine to any Halloween décor. Set in the middle of a table, these bring the room into a whole new light.
Want something other than a carved pumpkin? Give your pumpkin a tattoo! Using puff paint, this pumpkin now has a pretty good lookin' tattoo.
Not the most crafty of ladies? Then paint or use a marker to add a little "hello" onto your pumpkin. Dipped with dark orange and autographed with a greeting, this pumpkin does all the talking for you.
Want the family to have their own personal pumpkin? Paint a monogram with their first name. Cute in black and white, this pumpkin is unique and individualized.
Greet your trick-or-treater's with these adorable white pumpkins. Painted with a greeting and adorned with black lace, these are glamorous and chic for your front décor.
Want a good looking pumpkin for a great looking price? Stencil your pumpkins with these pastel colors for a Country Living look.
Make your home pretty with this distressed sage pumpkin. Painted and lookin' gorgeous,this pumpkin can last through your Thanksgiving and Christmas décor.
Grab a hot glue gun and some black sequins to make a sexy pumpkin for your Halloween setup. Seductive and extremely glamorous, these pumpkins are an easy add to any home.