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To make the most of your Superman, Man of Steel party, create a backdrop of the city of Metropolis and use it for photos. This simple project can be used ahead of time to create your invitations, as well as be a focal point of the party as part of a photo booth. With the help of a few simple props, you'll bring this city to life.

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How to make a Metropolis cityscape backdrop


  • 1 roll of white wrapping paper or drawing paper
  • Ruler
  • Black marker
  • Sketch pad and pencil
  • Tape

How to make a Metropolis cityscape backdrop



To make the backdrop, use white wrapping paper or a roll of drawing paper. Sketch a skyline on a piece of notebook paper first, so you have a guide to follow. Draw the city skyline with a pencil using a ruler to get straight lines. For added authenticity, incorporate the Daily Planet building in the drawing since that's where Superman's alter ego Clark Kent works. Trace over the drawing with a black marker and hang on a wall with tape.


To get a flying effect in your photos, hang the backdrop on its side instead of up and down. Let the kids wear a cape, standing in front of the backdrop with their hands up over their head, and have them tilt their head to look up. Take the photo and turn the photo on its side (digitally) so it looks like the buildings are upright and the child is flying.

How to make a Metropolis cityscape backdrop

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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Photo credit: Warner Bros.



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