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Man of Steel-inspired fun

With the new version of Superman hitting theaters this year, a "Superman, Man of Steel" theme is sure to be at the top of young boys' lists for birthday parties. Use these ideas and tips for a party that's great for little guys but also sophisticated enough for all ages.

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Man of Steel party

To make the planning and designing easier, focus on a few key areas: food, a dessert station, a photo area and invitations.

Man of Steel party

Invitations of steel

Every good party begins with an exciting invitation. Design your own photo card invitation online and have it printed out professionally, or simply take a digital photo and have an invitation company do the rest. For a Superman-themed party, dress your guy in a Superman T-shirt topped by a white dress shirt, and have him don some black-rimmed glasses. Draw a city skyline for the backdrop and photograph him in different poses until you get one to use for the invitation.

How to host a super party: Man of Steel-inspired fun

Food of steel

Food for a theme party is always better when you can give it a themed name as well. What could be better to serve at a superhero party than "hero" sandwiches? If the party is for kids, make them small using dinner rolls. For a grown-up party you can order subs from a local shop if you like.

A super guy needs "super"-size fries to go with the meal, and "power"-ade to wash it down. Serve Clark "Kent" chocolate bars on the side to eat at the party or take home for later.

Sweets of steel

Treats also deserve fun names for this party. Red Twizzlers become "steel cables," green rock candy becomes "kryptonite" and cupcakes hold "special powers." Guests get to choose their own power from the list of those that Superman possesses.

Since Superman is based in the city of Metropolis, having a city skyline as part of the decor is a must. There are a couple of different ways to do that. Draw a cityscape as used in the invitations, and also cut out a city silhouette to use as a backdrop to your sweets station {link to diy post}. To further enhance the look of tall buildings, fill squared glass vases with candies that are red and blue.

Photos of steel

One of the great areas for this party is the photo booth. Let guests use props and stand against the city skyline for photo opportunities. Use the same drawing you used for the invitations and tape it to the wall at a suitable height. Provide speech bubbles, glasses, capes and Superman T-shirts.

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Marie August 20, 2013 | 8:03 PM

I love this post! I am putting together a Man of Steel party for my daughter. Could you post a printable for the cute "Hero Sandwich", ect labels? They are beyond perfect.

Melissa Boyce June 15, 2013 | 3:45 PM

RSVP's are importantI think if it were me I was at a little bit of soldiers scene because there's a little bit of Superman in every soldier I would combined the scenes for the party I also think it would be neat to do it for the soldiers that are just getting back from overseas if it was tcost-effective I would give each soldier two presents for each along with the family at the soldiers I would also add an element of surprise and make it a surprise Friday leaving only the wives informed of what's to come and trying to get a husband that without telling him I think this is a good way to show our support and grateful to set the whole along with the floor great fathers, friends & husband & soldiers along with are grateful it that their home it is hard enough to think about the transition that awaiting ahead & giving them something to reflect on later is what I have learned & to come to know is imPortland

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