Awkward moments
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If moms have anything mastered, it is their inherent ability to completely mortify their children. Awkward mom moments are universal, and we wanted to find out what funny things moms did to mortify their daughters through the years. Luckily, most of us can look back now and laugh.

A person can likely never truly appreciate their mom's awkwardness and ability to be completely embarrassing until they have children of their own. It's hard to say if moms actively attempt to embarrass their children or if it just comes naturally, but either way, rest assured that the cycle will continue. We can't help but love these stories of strange things moms do, mostly because we can completely relate.


Alicia's story


When I was in elementary school my mom drove a bright blue Ford Festiva, which was essentially a tiny little hatchback. Every day when she dropped me off we'd pass two boys in my class who were walking to school. Every day they would yell "Go cart!" at the car. They also used to call me "Go cart," and I was horrified by my mom's tiny, joke-inducing car that had become the torment of my fifth grade year. To make matters worse, she absolutely loved it, so when she saw the boys she would honk, wave and even yell back at them, attracting all the more attention to the situation. I'd sink as low as possible into the backseat in hopes that no one could see me.


Sarah's story


While my mum is the sweetest person I have ever met, we are not without our own embarrassing mother-daughter moments. One of the most embarrassing moments, for me, was when I first got my period and my mum proceeded to tell one of her friends all about it at a shopping center, with me there listening. Of course, Mum was just proud that her little girl was growing up, but for me it was one of those tormenting and embarrassing moments of puberty.


Alexis' story


I live in the UK while my parents still live in Arizona, where I was born and raised. Because of the time difference, it makes it hard to get regular Skype sessions in, but when we do it's always interesting or entertaining. Since my long-time boyfriend and I have been together for nearly five years, my mother asked loudly, "So is Kris going to give you a ring?" just as my boyfriend walked past. Despite being 29 and 5,000 miles away, my mother still manages to embarrass me.


Aimee's story

Aimee and her mom

When I went off to college, my mom had become a travel agent. This was in 1993 and before my parents had caller ID. One evening the phone rang, and my mom expected it to be my dad calling to say he was leaving the office, heading home. So she answered the phone in her "phone sex" voice: "Linda's love nest, how may I help you?" It was her boss, calling to ask about a transaction. My mom hung up on her boss and let the next phone call go to the answering machine, far too embarrassed to pick up.

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John June 04, 2013 | 7:03 PM

Mine has not learned thats it's inappropriate to say my name in every store imaginable, does not realize thats no right unless we are at church, in our neighborhood, I am at school. Those kinds of settings, not at Kohls. My father has humiliated and embarassed me as well. She never apologized and stopped its as though it went in one ear and out the other.

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