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Many people display their Christmas cards by taping them up around the door frame or stringing them along the mantel, while others don't display their cards at all. If you're looking for a new, creative way to show off your beautiful Christmas cards, we have several clever display ideas for you.

Create a Christmas card display tree

Create a "tree" in your living room with long twigs you collect from your yard. Arrange the twigs in an old-fashioned pitcher or unique vase, then tie or clip the Christmas cards to the ends of the twigs. You can make your tree even more festive by spray painting your branches and twigs with white, gold or silver paint before adding the cards.

Decorate chair backs

Punch holes in each card and string a festive ribbon through the holes to create a chain of four or five cards. Repeat until you have one ribbon for each chair. Add the ribbons to your chair backs to add a holiday touch to your dining room. To make the most impact, use ribbon that is at least an inch wide.

Spell it out

Place strips of two-sided tape on a main wall in your living room to spell out holiday words such as "Peace," "Joy" or "Ho Ho Ho!" Then stick your favorite Christmas cards along the tape to create a bold holiday statement that costs almost nothing.

Christmas card ornament
Photo credit: Erinn Valencich

Make Christmas ornaments

Interior designer Erinn Valencich suggests upcycling cards to create glitzy new Christmas ornaments. You will need three Christmas cards to make each ornament.

  1. Cut out 15 colorful 2-1/2-inch circles from the illustrated portions of three different holiday cards.
  2. Choose three dissimilar circles and fold each one in half, just to make a crease.
  3. Glue two circles together on one side (illustrated side out) and wait until the bond has a chance to set.
  4. Carefully smear glue all over the inner sides of the attached circles, and stick them onto the third circle, which is lying flat. The circles should now form a three-dimensional triangular shape.
  5. Press the three circles firmly together and let sit.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 a total of four more times.
  7. After they're dry, dip outer edges in glue and roll in a bowl of sparkly glitter.
  8. Punch a hole in the top and thread with yarn. Knot the top and add a wire hook, or display the orbs among springs of winterberry and pine branches for a festive Christmastime centerpiece to enjoy year after year.

Frame your best cards

At the end of the season, pick out your favorite cards and frame them to create a piece of holiday art for next year. Choose Christmas cards in the same color scheme and make a collage, or just pick one big, beautiful card and place it in a unique frame.

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