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If you've pegged 2010 as the year you get organized, then what better way to start than with a list? Print this out and tack it to your fridge to keep you on track, and make sure to cross each item off as you complete it!

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6. Recycle at least half of your self-made Tupperware from plastic deli containers and yogurt jars. Who needs 25 cottage cheese canisters?
7. Put equipment you don't use at least once a month in storage to give yourself easier access to the stuff you do use.
8. Create a generic list of frequently bought grocery items and tape it to the fridge. Whoever kills an item is responsible for checking it off the list so you know what to buy at the store.
9. Plan weekly menus on a free day and try to waterfall leftovers into the next meal.
10. Get a bag holder for those plastic grocery bags. Recycle it when it gets too full.
11. Clear out your recipe boxes and go digital with all of your recipes. This makes them a cinch to share and edit.

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