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With the witching hour nearly upon us, get the scoop on the latest Halloween costume trends for babies to teens and everything in between!

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Halloween costumes for kids

People of all ages enjoy Halloween, but kids are truly Halloween's biggest fans. Here are some popular choices for this year's trick-or-treaters:

6. Princess

Make up your own or buy one, the princess costume is sure to be used many times beyond Halloween.

7. Transformers

You'll see many of these candy-loving robots at your front porch this season, but make sure your kiddie is willing to wear a mask if he chooses this disguise.

8. Harry Potter

Still popular this year, costumes for these characters can even be put together at home with a little familiarity with the stories.

9. Hannah Montana

Little fans everywhere can have the best of both worlds with a long blonde wig, some bangle bracelets, and a microphone.

10. GI Joe

Buying the official costume or grabbing all the camouflage and face paint you can find, your candy collector can mimic the most recent action figures to hit the big screen.

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Sherrie November 10, 2009 | 9:33 AM

"13. Farrah Fawcett More appropriate for the older teens, all it takes is that famous red bathing suit and some feathered hair to carry on the memory of this former Charlie’s Angel." 'Famous red bathing suit'??? Absurd and NOT a good idea at all!!!

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