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With the witching hour nearly upon us, get the scoop on the latest Halloween costume trends for babies to teens and everything in between!

Halloween began as a festival that celebrated the end of the harvest season, but today's Halloween is all about fun. Holiday traditions like carving pumpkins are a must, but October 31st just wouldn't be the same without the costumes. Here are some of the top Halloween costumes for babies, kids and teens:

Top Halloween costumes for babies

For infants, bunting costumes are the way to go, keeping them both cute and warm! For stroller riders, opt for something with legs so they can be strapped in. Some of the top Halloween costumes for your smallest sweetie pie include:

1: Pea in the Pod

These plush peas will be in good company with your baby's sweet face finishing off the set!

2. Fairy

There are plenty of versions of this one to choose from, or, you can make it yourself with some wings and a leotard for your little pumpkin.

3. Whoopee cushion

This bunting costume is sure to tickle your funny bone, and may even score your sweetie some extra candy!

4. Ladybug

Sweet as the season, a black leotard, red felt for wings, and a set of sparkly antennae will have her set to buzz around the neighborhood.

5. Hip hop star

A costume you can put together yourself, you can bling up your baby any way you choose!

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Sherrie November 10, 2009 | 9:33 AM

"13. Farrah Fawcett More appropriate for the older teens, all it takes is that famous red bathing suit and some feathered hair to carry on the memory of this former Charlie’s Angel." 'Famous red bathing suit'??? Absurd and NOT a good idea at all!!!

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