Crafts Aren't Just For Kids

What can you give to the mother who has everything? By thinking outside the box and making some special treats, you're sure to give her a smile this Mother's Day. Crafts aren't just for kids, after all. Adults may find that these crafts are fun and easy — and can take family bonding to a whole new level!

Towel Cake

A fun and creative way to shower mom with beautiful presents this year on Mother's Day comes from Beauty in a Basket's towel cake. This bath and beauty company helps us break down what you can make from just one large bath towel and a couple of accessories. Serve this cake alongside a nice chocolate confection!


What you need:
1 large bath towel
Sewing kit
Silk flowers
Decorative bow
Cardboard cake plate
Paper doily




  1. Lay the large bath towel on a flat surface and, with your hand, flatten any wrinkles.
  2. Fold your towel in thirds, the long way, flattening any wrinkles.
  3. At one end, start rolling the towel to the other end, keeping it free of wrinkles.
  4. Sew the end to the towel.
  5. Decorate the top of your cake with silk flowers and scent if desired.
  6. Tie a decorative bow around your towel cake.
  7. Place your cake on a cardboard cake plate and paper doily.
  8. Use tulle over cake as decoration.

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Comments on "Make a craft for your mom this Mother's Day"

jody July 30, 2009 | 9:28 AM

Hi, do you happen to know how to make a good looking cake. Just to show your mom you care for everything she does. I can get whatever it takes to make this. But I dont have a good idea. I know her favorite type of cake is red velvet. I plan to use that and I know she likes regular white frosting. So I plan to use that as well. But the problem is I dont really know how to decorate it. I know no matter what it turns out to be she will like it anyways. But I want it to be really good. So it will make me happier. She likes sports and she has a motorcycle and she also likes the beach those are pretty much her favoprite things so yeah. Can you give me some ideas? Please and Thankyou.

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