6 Tips On Painting Your
Belly Bump

Looking for a cute maternity Halloween costume? Why not make your belly bump part of your costume by painting it? Wendy Tuey of ProudBody offers six belly painting tips along with some fun photos of pumpkin belly paintings. Paint up your baby bump for Halloween -- and then enter your photo in the SheKnows Pregnant Belly Painting Contest!

Belly Painting Tip #1

Use safe paints -- not poster, acrylic or latex paints because they are not approved for use on the skin. ProudBodyhas a belly painting kit containing FDA-approved paints.

pregnant belly as a painted pumpkin

Belly Painting Tip #2

When choosing a theme for your pregnant belly, think round! Some ideas for Halloween include a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern, cat face and trick-or-treat basket.

Belly Painting Tip #3

Paint one background color first. For example, if you're doing a pumpkin, paint a round background circle in orange first with a sponge. Then do the detail work. ProudBody provides a sponge and brush in its belly-painting kit.

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Belly Painting Tip #4

If you already have a child, think about painting a picture on your belly that complements your child's costume. For example, if your child is wearing a dinosaur costume, paint a baby dinosaur on your belly.

Belly Painting Tip #5

Take lots of pictures of your painted pregnancy belly to put in baby's picture album (and in the SheKnows Pregnant Belly Painting Contest!).

Belly Painting Tip #6

Have fun! And don't forget: Submit a picture of your painted pregnant belly to the SheKnows Halloween Pregnant Belly Painting Contest.

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Todd December 07, 2013 | 12:38 PM

The pumpkin pregnant bellies are really nice,but you covered up their bellybuttons!!!!!

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