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Your question: My son is in the hospital due to a badly broken leg, and will be there through his 10th birthday. We would like to do something special for his big day with our immediate family and his two best friends. Can you suggest anything low-key but fun that we can do?

The expert answers: If you can find a top-notch magician in your area who can show a sophisticated magic tricks for the 10 year olds that would be a great! If the performer has the right humor and excellent skills in his or her craft this might be the best option for this special situation.

Your son's special interest, passions and things that he loves could guide you to find a better option. For example if he likes science you can have a science instructor come and do couple of science projects with them. is one of the companies with varies locations in the U.S.A who can send out a science instructor for your desired party location.

P.S. Having a very special birthday cake might ease this pain a bit too.



Comments on "How to have a hospital birthday party"

Lily July 20, 2013 | 6:46 PM

My Aunt is in the hospital during her birthday this weekend so we plan to get boas, fun glasses, and cute fun things for her b-day (but food she's not allowed to eat) all at a dollar store near me, the plan is just to make her feel special thats all anyone wants for their birthday a day just for them.

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