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It's cheaper and easier than you would think to make Halloween party decorations from everyday, household items. Here's how!

Your question:

Do you know what kind of decorations I can make out of stuff from home for a Halloween party?

The expert answers:

Giant ghosts are super easy to make! All you need is white sheet (which you can find at thrift stores, garage sales etc...), balloons and black marker. You can hang them from ceilings and trees. You can make mini versions by using white tissue paper and lollipops (which I call lolli ghosts).

Also keep your eyes open for black fabric or black sheets as well for making giant spiders and cats. Same idea -- you will need one large balloon for the head, wiggly eyes (sequins and glitter comes in handy to add shine to eyes), construction paper, pipe cleaners and feathers for the face features and black ribbons can be used as spider legs.

Take a nature walk and collect dead leaves, small rocks and broken tree branches. Mix them with stretchable spider webs to create dramatic sceneries around the party room. Make some warning signs all around the house like "crime scene, do not enter," "enter your own risk" etc.

Create humorous tombstones out of styrofoam, heavy duty cardboard or wood. After cutting the tombstone shape, paint them with a gray- colored paint. Once the paint dries, you can use acrylic paint to design and write humorous things.

You can also hang witch hats from ceilings and use colored (black, purple, green) light bulbs instead of ordinary light bulbs around the party area.

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Comments on "Homemade Halloween party decorations"

Jan October 05, 2009 | 4:40 PM

For about 15 years we have always put up a giant (about 8ft by 15 ft) spider web between the two trees in our front yard. It's made with rope (although the first ones were white yarn)and we have a giant spider to put on it. Easy to do and you can creatively weave it do your liking.

Lynda October 08, 2008 | 6:20 AM

I think those where some really teriffic ideas. I am planning a Halloween Party for the 1st November and really wanted to give our club a completely different look. Its quite an open space that overlooks a dam. There are alot of trees around too. I would love to hear some more ideas. People are buying tickets to come and I would like to give them their moneys worth. Thank you so much, I love your site.

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