Daenerys Targaryen

Shopping guide for Daenerys Targaryen

Follow this shopping guide on how to design your own Daenerys Targaryen costume and become the mother of dragons for this year's Halloween costume party!


Daenerys Targaryen's iconic white hair

For this you'll either need to bleach your hair to a white-blonde color or wear a wig. A wide range of quality wigs is available online and at your local costume shops. Wigs range in color, length, quality and style.

Daenerys Targaryen's iconic white hair

(eBay, $18)

Dress like Daenerys Targaryen

Over the course of three seasons, Daenerys Targaryen has undergone an extensive wardrobe evolution that mirrors her ascent through power. Choosing a costume to best represent Daenerys Targaryen can range from rags to rich, exotic fabrics.

Dress like Daenerys Targaryen

(Modcloth, $83)

Dress like Daenerys Targaryen

(Anthropologie, $148)


The best way to pull off a costume like Daenerys Targaryen is to accessorize yourself with iconic decorations, such as the following costume jewelry and props that resemble Daenerys Targaryen's dragons, as well as gold cord to accent the blue dress.

Accessorize like Daenerys Targaryen

(Bonanza, $27)

Accessorize like Daenerys Targaryen

(Jo-Ann Stores, $4 per yard)

Final step: Put it all together!

Decorate yourself with your white wig, blue dress and costume jewelry. Use the gold cord to accent your blue dress and place additional jewelry around your body.

Embody Daenerys Targaryen's desire for the Iron Throne this Halloween, and you're bound to win best dressed.

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