Decorate With
Harvest M&M's

Take advantage of the festive colors of M&M'S® Harvest Blend candies to create the perfect Halloween decor.

Harvest flower centerpiece

With just four components and three quick steps, this cute decoration isn't nearly as complicated as it looks!


  • 1 large, clear round vase
  • 1 small, clear round vase
  • 1 or 2 bags of M&M'S® Harvest Blend candies
  • Seasonal flowers (fresh or fake!)



Place the small round vase into the large round vase.


Place the harvest M&M'S® — sorted by color — around the smaller vase in 1-1/2-inch-tall layers.

M&M's harvest flower centerpiece: Step 2


Fill the smaller vase with seasonal flowers. Adorable!

M&M centerpiece: Add flowers


Change things up a bit by substituting marshmallow ghosts or nuts for one of the candy layers. So cute!

Harvest candle centerpiece

It takes just a few items and three easy steps to make each cheery centerpiece.


  • 1 large-based clear vase
  • 1 pillar candle
  • 1 or 2 bags of M&M'S® Harvest Blend candies (any variety)



Pour the colorful harvest M&M'S® into the vase (see the harvest flower centerpiece instructions above).


Insert the candle so that its base is surrounded by M&M'S®.

M&M centerpiece: Step 2

Voilà! Keep some extra bags of M&M'S® Harvest Blend candies on hand, just in case you find your delicious centerpiece irresistible.


Add some extra interest with nuts and candy corn or surround the base of the vase with bright fall leaves and acorns. Simply perfect.

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