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Display those pictures of last year's costumes in spooky style with a googly-eyed picture frame you can make in just a few easy steps.

Googly-eyed picture frame


  • Picture frame, any shape or size
  • Package of googly eyes in various sizes
  • Any color of paint
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Hot-glue sticks
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Wooden letters (optional)



Paint the frame. You can use any color you choose, but we recommend sticking to
Halloween hues like orange, green or purple. Remember — the brighter the color,
the better it will stand out through the googly eyes!

Googly-eyed frame: Step 1


Once the paint has dried completely, glue the googly eyes onto the frame.
Vary the sizes so they fit together like a puzzle.

Googly-eyed frame: Step 2


Wrap the ribbon around the bottom of the frame and add Halloween
letters to spell out Halloween-themed words like "Eek!" "Boo!" or "Scary!"

Googly-eyed frame: Step 3


Once the glue has dried completely, insert your photo into the frame and display your picture!

Googly-eyed frame: Step 4

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