DIY Wine glass IDs
DIY wine glass IDs

Raise your

Avoid wasting your money (and Champagne!) this New Year's Eve by making these simple and cute drink identifiers for your party guests.


  • Paint chips (color samples from home improvement stores)
  • Scrapbook-style hole punch
  • Regular hole punch
  • Paint brush
  • Decoupage
  • Binder clips



Choose your hue

Choose a paint chip in your desired color — the brighter the better! Then, use the scrapbook-style hole punch to create decorative shapes from the paper. To avoid party confusion, use a different hue for each guest. They'll remember which drink belongs to them, and they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness!


Punch a hole, then slap on some decoupage

Grab the regular hole punch to make small holes in each paint chip. Prepare the decoupage, generously dip your paintbrush in the mixture, and coat the colored side of the paint chip. Decoupage will always dry with a clear finish, so feel free to layer it on! When you've sufficiently coated the paper, set the pieces aside and wait for them to dry.


Clip it

When the paint chip shapes are dry, take the binder clips and thread one through each hole. Now, you can easily attach them to the stems of Champagne glasses.



Once every guest has his or her own paint chip, the fun can truly begin! With less cleanup and confusion, you can finally kick back and have the best New Year's Eve party ever.

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