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Feel lighter, happier and more confident! 

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True Food Detox

I developed the True Food Detox after hearing countless clients say "I know what to do, but just can't do it!"  As a personal trainer in the gym, I simply did not have all the tools to bring about lasting change.  Today, as a health coach, I provide the tools, accountability, support, & guidance to bring about long-lasting weight loss & behavior change.

Maybe you want to lose weight, feel more comfortable in your skin, not have to adjust your waistline every time you sat down, have clear thinking, enjoy getting dressed in the morning.  Or maybe you just want to SAFELY CLEANSE your body of unwanted toxins!

Maybe you've been saying YOU "know what to do, but just can't do it!"

This is a gentle detox, where we eat REAL FOOD, and plenty of it! This is the prefect starting point for lasting weight-loss & behavior change.  For 7 days, I will guide you, eating endless whole foods as you tap into the innate wisdom of your body and start releasing toxins and unwanted weight.  

Click here for details on the TRUE FOOD 7 DAY DETOX FOR BEGINNERS!

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Prize: True Food Detox
Number of prizes: 9
Estimated Value: $99.99
Contest start date: March 05, 2013
Contest end date: April 05, 2013
Open to: US residents 18 & over

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