Healthy Choices: Operation Breakfast

Healthy Breakfasts
for families on-the-go

It’s the most important meal of the day and yadda, yadda, yadda. While breakfast may be on your ever-growing list of “shoulds,” with kids to get ready for school, dogs to be walked and that snooze button just a little too tempting, it’s easy to find yourself running behind and leaving the house with an empty stomach.

But breakfast need not be a huge production or a morning time-suck. Here are some quick, healthy, stress-free options that are possible for even the busiest of families.


Leftovers anytime! Think outside the cereal box and grab that Tupperware container with last night’s dinner on your way out the door. Reheat first thing when you get to the office (or eat cold in the car — we won’t tell!).

Life sometimes gets in the way of good nutrition. It happens. But any breakfast (well, within reason) is better than no breakfast. Taken literally, the morning meal “breaks the fast” incurred during your nightly slumber. With eight, 10, or often 12-plus hours elapsed since your last evening nosh, your body is running on empty and needs fuel.

While a meal that provides all of the nutritional must-haves (fiber, lean protein, disease-fighting phytonutrients) is ideal, even a simple piece of fruit provides some energy to help power you through your morning.

Below are several grab-and-go options that require zero prep:

  • A packet of string cheese and an apple
  • A carton of Greek yogurt and a banana
  • A handful of nuts and a bunch of grapes

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