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Ever wonder if a diet plan's claims are for real? We sure do — so we've decided to put health and diet plans to the test. We're trying's DB15 program. Is it too good to be true?

They say "the proof is in the pudding," but in this case I think the proof is in the... weight loss. Because, yes, I did lose weight on this plan.'s DB15 program was a fun, worthwhile experiment for me. This program combines a variety of 15-minute workouts with a fairly limited eating program (no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol, etc.).

So... how'd I do?

The results

  • Starting weight: 198 pounds
  • End weight: 194 pounds
  • Total loss: 4 pound

The verdict on the DB15 workouts

All along, I have said that the 15-minute workouts are a good fit for the busy lifestyle — and they truly are. The short time frame of the DB15 workouts is simple to slip into the most hectic days. But even though these workouts may be short, they aren't easy. They really make you work, get your blood pumping and definitely leave you feeling the burn.

This program is perfect, especially for those times of the year when outdoor activity isn't as prevalent. For me, that's winter time. However, in the summer I do really like long walks, bike rides and swims.

The verdict on the eating plan

If I had to point to a reason that I didn't lose even more weight, it's because the restrictions on the DB15 eating program just don't mesh with my lifestyle. I am more than willing to practice moderation, but when there's a lot of things you can't have, it becomes harder.

Though the plan is designed to be as open as possible (as long as you avoid the items specifically restricted or prohibited, you can eat what you want), the restrictions didn't work for me. Not only did they not mesh with my lifestyle (or career as a food writer), but they also left me wanting — as in wanting everything on the list.

I'll stick to the fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains.


Losing four pounds over the course of the month that I did this program felt good. I loved the way it made my body feel as I sweated away to my 15-minute workouts and appreciated seeing the scale dip, dip, dip.

But with summer here, I think there are some really great exercise pursuits available outside our doors and that's preferable (to me, at least). Still I would recommend this program for winter, or whenever the weather dips into unpleasant territory.

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