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Sexy, sculpted arms

With the help of celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, we’re showing you how to get a perfect physique with our Strong Body Workout. Check out our six moves to tone up your arms.

Whether you're a new mom with a baby to carry around or just trying to prevent the dreaded "chicken-wing arm-jiggle" (that's a technical term, by the way), everyone wants toned arms. Strong biceps and triceps not only help you perform everyday activities, but also help propel you in exercises like running, cycling and aerobics. Toning your arms is an important part of total body strength and, of course, keeping you looking great when you wave hello.

While gym machines can be very helpful for training your arms, there are tons of moves you can do with little to no equipment. Planks and dips are extremely effective and easy to do at home. Celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, creator of the No Gym Required workout, has provided us with six of these great techniques that you can do to buff up your arms on your own.

Boxing jab

Boxing Jabs

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Channel your inner Laila Ali with this weighted boxing-inspired move.

Side triceps extension

Side Triceps Extension

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Taking a break? More like taking control of your triceps with this move that works your entire arm.

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