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Tone your glutes

With the help of celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, we’re showing you how to get a perfect physique with our Strong Body Workout. Check out our six moves to perk up your butt.

There are no buts about it — having a strong butt is important for fitness enthusiasts. While most of us want a great butt for sporting bikinis, having strong glutes helps with pelvis, core, and hip stability. Your gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and keeping it toned will help support your knees during athletic activities and prevent injuries. Working large muscle groups is also great for burning calories, which aids in weight loss all over the body.

There are tons of great butt exercises you can do to strengthen your glutes right in the comfort of your own home. Celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, creator of the No Gym Required method, taught us six of them that you can try on your own.

Curtsy lunge with leg lift

Curtsy Lunge w/ Leg Lift

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This move may look cute, but you're really toning your inner and outer thighs!

Russian kicks

russian kicks

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Kick your way to a better butt with this move, which also works your hamstrings.

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