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It’s about more than just sit-ups

With the help of celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, we’re showing you how to get a perfect physique with our Strong Body Workout. Check out our six moves to lose belly fat.

Obviously everyone wants a flat stomach, but strengthening your abs is about so much more than just looking good in a bikini. A toned mid-section helps strengthen your core overall, which is important for balance and stability. This makes it easier for you to perform any physical activity, whether it be working out or just having fun.

The best thing about ab exercises is that they usually don’t require much equipment. Many core-strengthening moves like planks and crunches can be done in the comfort of your own home, simply using your body weight. In our Strong Abs Workout we feature six easy moves that you can do on your own without heading to the gym. Celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen specializes in No Gym Required techniques and is offering her advice for the best ab workout around.

Hand-to-toe scissors

Hand to Toe Scissors

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Your abs will get "cut" with this ab-burning scissors move. Add ankle weights to up the difficulty!

Oblique twists

Oblique Twists

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Grab a light to medium dumbbell and get to twisting to work your side abdominal muscles.

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