Healthy Choices: Operation Dinner

Good, better, best:
Dinner for busy moms

Getting dinner on the table and the family around it can be a miraculous feat all on its own. But turning out a healthy meal that everyone will eat without having to spend hours in the kitchen — is that even possible?

We asked busy moms on the front lines how they get out of the convenience food rut to take their dinners from good grief to good for you. Check out their tips and tricks in our good, better, best dinner roundup.


Helpful tip: Keep a list of local restaurants and grocery stores with salad bars and hot bars on your phone or in your car, so you don’t panic and opt for a No. 3 combo.

It’s 6 o’clock, you’re stuck in traffic and stomachs are starting to rumble. But you know how to be fast without getting furious with yourself later.

Fast food doesn’t have to mean junk food. Stock your purse with healthy snacks like clementines, nuts and granola bars to help hungry kids hold out until you get home with dinner. Fast food also doesn’t have to come from a drive-through window.

Autumn Calabrese, celebrity trainer and working mom, suggests “hitting up the hot bar at Whole Foods or your local grocery store.” She recommends that you choose foods that are prepared fresh and have the ingredients listed "or grab a rotisserie chicken and some frozen, steam-in-the-bag organic veggies. Quick, inexpensive and healthier than any fast-food chain.”

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