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Fitness entrepreneur Cassey Ho of Blogilates and POP Pilates is bringing her fitness expertise to SheKnows to help you get bikini-ready! Try these six toning moves that will make you feel the burn while you tighten your bod.

Spring is here, and we're going to clean more than just your house! It's time to clean up your diet and get a fresh new twist on your workout routine. It's the perfect season to "pre-game" for that summer bikini. Let's work hard now and get toned with these 6 simple moves I created for my Spring Fling workout series on YouTube.

The moves are fun, fresh and do not require any equipment. So if you're traveling or don't have access to a gym, you have no excuses. Before you watch the video below, here's a breakdown of the Pilates-inspired routine:


Bikini dance

Bikini dance

Kneel on the mat, knees hip-width apart. Sit up tall with hands on your hips, then sway your hips side to side. This targets obliques, abs and quads. Do this for one minute with your hands on your hips, then one minute with your hands raised above your head.


Flying seagull

Flying seagull

Get into a yoga child's pose with your shins on the mat and your chest hovering above your quads. Spread your arms out, then lift your elbows toward the ceiling while squeezing your shoulder blades together. This targets upper back and shoulders. Try 20 reps.


Cross-legged bridge lift

Cross legged bridge lift

Lie down on your back and get in a bridge position with your pelvis elevated. Leave your right foot on the floor and cross your left ankle over your knee. Beginners, leave your foot flat. If you're advanced, raise your heel. Now pulse your pelvis toward the ceiling 20 times. Switch your leg position and do 20 more reps. This targets your glutes and calves.


Wings-spread boat rock

Wings spread boat rock

Lie on your back, your body stretched, hands above the head and legs long in front of you.

Wings spread boat rock

Use a bit of momentum to roll onto your tailbone. Once up, spread your arms out and squeeze your upper back. Roll back and return to beginning. Try 15 reps. Targets your abs and back.


Hollow rock

Hollow rock

Start with hands behind your head, low back pressed into the mat, and upper back and hamstrings lifted off the mat. Start rocking forward and backward with abs engaged. Think of your low back as the bottom of a boat. Rock steadily. Try 30 seconds of this move. Targets your core.



Sun bathing

Keep the same start position as you did for the hollow rock, but instead of rocking forward and backward, take your elbows right to left, side to side. Keep your legs and upper back lifted, core engaged. Targets transverse abdominals. Try 20 elbow taps side to side.

How are you feelin'?

I hope your muscles are shocked and sore for a good couple days! It's always great to startle your body with new moves so that it keeps working hard and you avoid plateaus. Have a great workout!

Watch Cassey's Spring Fling Toning video on Blogilates, her YouTube channel >>

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