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Ever wonder if a diet plan's claims are for real? We sure do — so we've decided to put health and diet plans to the test, starting with's Inferno program. Is it too good to be true?

Sarah's Slim Down results

After a month on's Inferno program, I found myself exactly where I started: 194 lbs.

Inferno wrap-up

After a month of Inferno, I can say with great certainty that that plan wasn't for me. Or for someone like me: someone returning to exercise after a good deal of time away. I spoke with Kate Brown, community director for, who confirmed my suspicion that I didn't fall within the target group this intense workout was meant for.

"It's really for people who want that extra push," says Brown, explaining that it's best for someone who has hit a plateau and needs to get over that hump to reach their goal weight.

Definitely not me.

The new plan

So what's next? Brown has set me up with a new program on, including their special nutrition plan, Fuel protein shake and Essentials vitamin.

See, isn't just a site for Inferno workouts. They have a number of programs available that speak to a variety of interests. Initially, I thought I would go for the Move! program, a weight loss and toning program that relies on fun dance-based workouts. However, the 30- to 47-minute workouts seemed a little tricky to fit into my busy schedule and really I want to succeed here.

The program I chose is DB15, which is a super-convenient weight loss program that boasts 15-minute workouts (or close to 15 minutes) for 15 days. What I am excited about (besides how simple this will be to fit into my life!) is that the workouts combine a variety of styles -- including yoga and MMA.

Reflections on then and now

Although I had some initial success with's Inferno, I was really disappointed in my inability to make it work for me. I don't like to fail — and I especially don't like being unable to keep up. So I am pretty relieved that plan is over.

All the same, I am really excited about my new plan. It offers a workout that's easy to fit into the day and that keeps it fresh with a variety of styles, without the overwhelming intensity of the last plan.

As I get started with this, I am also thinking of how to keep my motivation high. That's so important to weight loss success. One thing I need to keep in mind is why I want to lose weight: because I want to be fit and healthy for life, so I can live a long time and see my little kids grow into beautiful adults. That's kind of the best motivation of all, isn't it?

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