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Need a reason to get in shape or reach that fitness goal you've been dreaming of? CURE International has given you just that. You can become a CURE Champion and help a child in need find their dream as you work towards a fitness dream of your own.

CURE International has teamed up with world-class trainers to help you get in shape and send aid to children in need around the world. With their amazing new campaign, you can sign up to reach your fitness goals, and the money you raise will help a child around the world receive the life-changing surgery they need. Andrea Metcalf, best-selling author of Naked Fitness and NBC Chicago fitness expert, is part of the team of celebrity trainers ready to help you reach your fitness goals if you become a CURE Champion. She sat down with SheKnows to tell us more about the campaign and how you can be part of it all.

CURE ChampionSheKnows: CURE International is such an amazing organization, can you tell us a little bit about what they do?

Andrea Metcalf: Cure International helps provide life-changing surgeries and help to children with disabilities. Cleft lip or untreated burns can scar a child's development by looking different. In some countries these conditions are thought to be evil, and families are banned from the community.

SK: The CURE Champion campaign is an innovative way to help people get in shape while helping children in need. How does the contest work?

AM: The contest helps those wishing to get in shape with fitness advice and motivation with four top coaches while raising money to help disabled children. Once they apply to be a "champion" they pledge their fitness, weight loss or sports team goals and are placed on a team. Teams then are under a coach who helps set their fundraising goals. Participants can ask questions and seek leadership from the Cure Coaches every day.

SK: What made you decide to become a Champion Fitness Coach, and what can your team members expect out of having you as a coach?

AM: I am behind this program because of the lives it can change; it brings together the motivation to help others and yourself. I have experience in online coaching and have had hundreds of successful weight loss clients over the years, as well as helped people avoid surgeries from injuries with good training. I was honored to be asked to be part of this program and will do my best to share my expertise and enthusiasm with my team.

SK: Can anyone get involved or do they need to be at a certain fitness level to participate?

AM: Any fitness level can participate.

SK: If someone is ready to get started, what do they need to do?

AM: Get signed up online and start sharing your goals. You'll receive a starter kit and then get in the game and move forward knowing you'll be making a difference in more lives than just your own.

You sign can sign up at Cure Champion.

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