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What do you get when you combine the grace and flexibility of dance moves with the strength and sculpting of Pilates? The Xtend Barre workout, a dynamic combination of exercises that will give you a long, strong and lean physique. Just in time for spring fitness, here is an Xtend Barre workout from Andrea Rogers, courtesy of AcaciaLifestyle.com.

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Back attitude

Back attitude

Works your lower body and helps align and stabilize your hips.

Start: Stand facing the back of your chair (or barre, if available). Move your feet into first position and place both of your hands on the back of the chair.

Movement: Demi-plié, keeping your heels on the floor, then place your weight onto your right foot and extend your left leg back into a back attitude. Keep your right knee bent and hips forward. Press your leg back in small controlled movements, maintaining the turned-out position.

Perform: 8 repetitions slow then 16 repetitions fast. Return to start, switch legs and repeat.

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