30 Days To
Love Your Body

What if you had 30 days to transform your relationship to your body? What if your life was at stake? Would you step outside your comfort zone? What would you be willing to do? Well, your life is at stake! Every moment you spend bashing your body in any way, shape or form, is a moment you have lost. Let this be the year you stop beating yourself up and start living in self-acceptance. Not only will you direct your energies in new and exciting ways, you'll have the best body ever because you'll have shaped up your body image. Here's a 30-day plan to take back your body and love it inside and out.

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Week 4

Woman getting massage

Day 22: Get a massage. Practice being in the moment during the entire session, focusing on the sensations as your body -- and mind -- relax.

Day 23: Go dancing. Move your body in ways you don't normally. Be willing to look silly.

Day 24: Cut your hair. Get that 'do you've always wanted.

Day 25: Eat consciously. Stop counting calories and tune in to your hunger to determine if it's emotional or physical.

Day 26: Show off your favorite part of your body. Love your feet? Get a pedicure and wear sandals. Have great legs? Wear that short skirt.

Day 27: Stay in your pajamas all day. If you can't go to work in your PJs, plan this for a weekend.

Day 28: Write an ode to your body. Love your body and don't be afraid to praise it.

Day 29: Watch your favorite movie -- one that makes you feel good about the world or that makes you laugh out loud.

Day 30: Accept joy every day. Know that you won't do it perfectly but be willing to honor your commitment to yourself.

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