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Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape -- until your busy schedule cuts your workouts short or prevents you from going at all. Fitness DVDs are a convenient alternative -- all you do is hit the play button and sweat. Whether your back-to-school schedule eats into your fitness time or you simply want to add variety to your current exercise regimen, the following fitness DVDs will keep you in enviable shape.

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8Melt it Off

Melt it Off

A change from the usual weight-light and cardio routines, the Melt it Off program is not only a challenging at-home fitness workout, it's a calorie-torching way to spice up your regimen to avoid those frustrating exercise plateaus. American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Mitch Gaylord's Melt it Off program will transform your body through leveraged core action using the G-Ball -- a two-pound medicine ball that forces your body to build both strength and endurance. Each exercise starts with the core and radiates outwards, engaging all the major muscles. And with Gaylord's 3 Day Kick Start nutritional recommendations, the results of Melt It Off's workout program and meal plans can be noticeable right away. Order the complete program and a G-ball is included.

Price: $20

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