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Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape -- until your busy schedule cuts your workouts short or prevents you from going at all. Fitness DVDs are a convenient alternative -- all you do is hit the play button and sweat. Whether your back-to-school schedule eats into your fitness time or you simply want to add variety to your current exercise regimen, the following fitness DVDs will keep you in enviable shape.

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5Marisa Tomei: core and curves

Marisa Tomei: core and curves

Join Academy Award-winning actress Marisa Tomei and her fitness trainer, Key Son, in this revolutionary workout that provides maximum toning and calorie-burning results in less time and with no weights. The secret is a series of small movements using a toning band to reshape your body, while circuit training sequencing burns calories: double the benefit in half the time. You get three workouts: body definition, best legs workout and quick 10. Bonus: The DVD includes a toning band so you can take your workout anywhere you have access to a DVD player.

Price: $14.98

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