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Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape -- until your busy schedule cuts your workouts short or prevents you from going at all. Fitness DVDs are a convenient alternative -- all you do is hit the play button and sweat. Whether your back-to-school schedule eats into your fitness time or you simply want to add variety to your current exercise regimen, the following fitness DVDs will keep you in enviable shape.

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2Body Target 60

Body Target 60

Body Target 60 is a butt-kicking multi-session workout from nationally certified fitness expert and trainer-to-the-stars Stephanie Vitorino, creator of the VBody Ultimate Body Shaper and the best selling Bootylicious Buns workout series on Exercise TV. A celebrity favorite, Vitorino motivates you through a 30-minute calorie-shredding, cardio sculpting session that builds lean muscle with the option of adding 10-minute body target segments for arms, core or glutes. The full-body cardio and strength combinations deliver body-shaping results that don't require hours in the gym.

Price: $19.95

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